Nissan Programming Instructions NISS-RKE-U15-4BT

Based on the Make, Model and Year of your vehicle, you may have different programming instructions.  We recommend double checking your owner's manual to confirm which instructions you need to follow.  

This list is what each vehicle's instructions most commonly are, but sometimes a vehicle may use different instructions than what is listed. 

It can be difficult to get the timing correct while programming this remote.  Read the instructions all the way through before beginning to make sure you fully understand each step and can perform it quickly enough.  If you're having trouble getting the vehicle to enter programming mode, try to vary the timing of the steps.

2002-2008 Nissan 350Z

2002-2006 Nissan Altima

2004-2012 Nissan Armada

2000-1996 Nissan Maxima

2004-2009 Nissan Quest

2007-2012 Nissan Sentra

2002-2004 Infiniti I35

2004-2008 FX35

2003-2005 Infiniti G35

Programming instructions for the above vehicles:

Make sure to have ALL fobs on hand, including any remotes you currently have. You will have to program all remotes before leaving programming mode. The instructions will erase the memory of current remotes in order to enter programming mode.

1. Close and lock all doors with the driver’s side power lock/unlock switch.

2. Within TEN seconds, insert your key into the ignition and remove it all the way a minimum of SIX times. Your Hazard Lamps will flash if you have performed this step successfully. Be careful not to insert and remove the key too quickly.

3. Insert your key into the ignition and turn it to the ACC position.

4. Within FIVE seconds, push any button on your remote fob. Your Hazard Lamps should flash to indicated successful programming. Be careful NOT to press the button more than once, or the fob will NOT program.

5. To program additional fobs, including any fobs you originally had, UNLOCK and then LOCK all doors using the lock/unlock switch on the driver's side panel and within FIVE seconds, push any button on the next remote. Your Hazard Lamps should flash. Repeat this step for each fob.

6. Once all fobs are programmed, turn your key to the OFF position in the ignition. Press the UNLOCK button on the driver's side door panel and then open the driver's door. Test that all your remotes were successfully programmed.